VMware Fusion vmx conversion to OVA for VM appliance shipments

As in the earlier post on VMware VM appliance shipments, there are occasions that we need to build VM appliances for our clients. Depending on the scenarios, requirements, or convenience, we will build VMs in VMware Fusion and convert them to OVA files so our clients can simply import them (“Deploy a OVF Template”).

In this simple case, where I don’t have to edit the ovf file, etc, I use the ovftool to convert the VMware Fusion vmx file to OVA.

$ ./ovftool -st=VMX -tt=OVA /Volumes/Oracle-images/OEL66/OEL66Stones.vmwarevm/OEL66Stones.vmx /Volumes/Oracle-images/OEL66/VMX/OEL66Stones.ova
Opening VMX source: /Volumes/Oracle-images/OEL66/OEL66Stones.vmwarevm/OEL66Stones.vmx
Opening OVA target: /Volumes/Oracle-images/OEL66/VMX/OEL66Stones.ova
Writing OVA package: /Volumes/Oracle-images/OEL66/VMX/OEL66Stones.ova
Transfer Completed
Completed successfully

the st flag states that the source file type is a vmx, and the tt indicates its is a target type of ova. Once its converted, I simply send this VM image to clients, where they import into vSphere.

Here’s a link to the ovftool User’s Guide:


Just a bit on OVFtool: OVFTool is used to distribute and import virtual machines and vApps. e.g., you can create a virtual machine and use OVF Tool to export it into an OVF package for installation, either within your organization or for distribution to other organizations. OVF facilitates the use of vApps, which consist of preconfigured virtual machines that package applications with the operating system that they require.OVF Tool 1.0 replaces an earlier Java‐based OVF Tool that was experimental. OVF Tool supports OVF version 1.0