ODA Component Installed Versions vs Available Versions

We recently added new storage to our ODA X7-HA (enclosure0), and noticed that the Component Installed Versions was higher than the Available Version. This seen in the
odacli describe-component output, specifically for the disks. So how can the Installed Version be higher than Available and is this bad?

No its not, and this can happen for the scenarios we are in; ie, we installed brand new drive sets (3, 5-packs to be specific). The new drives are A170 and original drives are A122. This seen in the fwupdate list disk command.

# odacli describe-component
System Version

System node Name

Local System Version

Component           Installed Version      Available Version
—————————————- ——————–
OAK                     up-to-date

GI                 up-to-date

DCSAGENT                up-to-date

ILOM            up-to-date

BIOS                41021300                up-to-date

OS                   6.9                    up-to-date

FIRMWARECONTROLLER            up-to-date

FIRMWAREEXPANDER      0304                   0306

[ c1d0,c1d1,c1d2,c1d3,c1d4,c1d20,c1d21, A122 up-to-date
c2d20,c2d21,c2d22,c2d23 ]
[ c1d5,c1d6,c1d7,c1d8,c1d9,c1d10,c1d11, A170 a122
c2d16,c2d17,c2d18,c2d19 ]