Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) vs AWS RedShift a side-by-side comparison..kinda or sorta Benchmark

Emerging information technology trends in the Cloud have the power to transform organizations. In the data management and analytics space, many key Cloud service offerings have arrived that touch on this theme including Amazon’s Redshift, Snowflake, Google’s Bigquery, and Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

The performance along with price, of a data warehouse or decision support system plays an integral role in the decision of a company to implement that solution. Such decisions must be based on information that compares the performance and price of database management systems of different vendors.

In this paper, we share our findings from a series of Data Warehouse Cloud benchmarks; comparing  Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is based and AWS RedShift.

The purpose of the benchmark is to provide crucial information with which to measure these important factors. Benchmarks that measure data warehouse performance, typically involve large data set query benchmarks with dimensional data models. Note, this paper does not cover Cloud configuration, manageability or on-going supportability. This will be included in a follow-up document.

ADW Redshift Comparing DataWarehouse