The Add Roles to Windows2012 Server

There are two methods to add roles/features to a Windows 2012 Server. One is using the Add Roles Wizard and the other is using the cmdlet.

The Add Roles Wizard simplifies how you install roles on the server. This is quite different from the way it was done in Windows 2008 Server where admins had to run Add or Remove Windows Components multiple times to install all the roles, role services, and features that are needed on a server.

Roles Wizard lets you install multiple roles at one time. Server Manager replaces Add or Remove Windows Components, and a single session in the Add Roles Wizard can complete the configuration of the server; in addition, it verifies that all the software components required by a role are installed. If it is necessary, the wizard prompts you to approve the installation of other roles, role services, or software components that are required by roles that you select.
Most roles and role services that are available for installation require you to make decisions during the installation process that determine how the role operates in your

To install roles and features in Windows Server 2012, you can also use the Server ManagerCmd.exe tool or the Add-WindowsFeature cmdlet in Windows PowerShell.
The following video walks through the process flow